Provo Notes

For those who attended my demos at the 30th Utah Woodturning Symposium, I promised a resource listing so you wouldn't have to copy all of the names and URLs of products and vendors I mentioned. Attached are the ones I remembered along with a resource listing for an ornament demo that I did in the past. If you can't find the names and/or products I mentioned between these, send me an email with the specifics and I'll get the information to you as well as add it to this page.


Ornament Resource Listing
Stainless Steel one section mandrel - California Import Export Tools
3M Wetordry Polishing Paper (281Q & 481Q) - The Sanding Glove
Jewelers Saw, blades, and general supplies - Rio Grande
Luthier Supply Houses - Stewart-MacDonald, Luthiers Mechantile International, Luthier Supply

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